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Hunslet Engine Co. - Leeds No.1


Inspired by the Hunslet Engine Company locomotive built in 1905 for the Leeds Corporation Waterworks Railway (Yorkshire). This 2' gauge railway had some 6 miles of track in the Yorkshire Dales to the west of the village of Masham, to aid the construction of 2 reservoirs in the Colsterdale Valley. During the First World War, the line was also used by the military to supply the Breary Banks training camp used by the Leeds Pals.

The model is powered by a Graham Farish Class 08 chassis, and is the first from Fourdees Limited to feature Walschearts Valve-Gear. The cab roof is removeable to reveal the fully detailed interior (and ease the installation of crew figures (not supplied). Original drawings have not been used in making this model, but the shape and style captures the character of the 0-6-2 built for the Yorkshire line.


The model will negotiate 9" radius curves, but is intended to operate at its optimum on 12" radius curves.

The locos will be un-named, but include fitted Hunslet works plates. As usual, these models are equipped with NEM coupling pockets fitted with Peco GR-102 couplings. Each model is packaged with detailed instructions and collectors booklet, giving details of the model, the prototype and an anatomy of the features of the design.


Available in four liveries:
Leeds No.1 Leeds No.1
41-131 Leeds No.1 - Brunswick Green 41-132 Leeds No.1 - Maroon
Leeds No.1 Leeds No.1
41-133 Leeds No.1 - Black 41-134 Leeds No.1 - Midnight Blue
To give the models the optimum running quality, the body is completely filled with ballast. Any attempt to convert the models to DCC would require a decoder fitted in the cab. Please note that conversion to DCC will invalidate the chassis warranty.

All versions are £247.50 + postage.


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