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Seirra Leone Railways - No.85

The Seirra Leone Government Railways were a network of 2'6" gauge lines that crossed the West-African nation. The Hunslet Engine Company built over 30 similar machines of 2-6-2T arrangement to operate the railways, the first arriving in 1898. The last of these locomotives, No. 85, was built in 1954 to a slightly improved design (including welded tanks).

W&LLR No.14
*Image copyright of Stephen Fulljames, and embedded from his Flickr photosteam.

On closure of the railway system in 1974, No.85 and a selection of coaches were offered to the Welshpool and Llanfair Light Railway, to supplement its fleet. Repatriated, No.85 became W&LLR No.14 and returned to steam in 1977.


A popular locomotive, No.85 was eventually withdrawn from service in 2010. It is now on display at Llanfair Caerinion awaiting funds for a new boiler and complete overhaul.


The model is supplied with 3 toolboxes to fit if desired, and the cab roof is loose to allow access to the detailed interior for the fitting of loco crew figures (not supplied).


Due to the delicate nature of the cowcatchers, these are not fitted, but holes are present in the bufferbeam to aid fitting. Due to the tolerances used in manufacture, the holes may be a little tight, and require widening with a small hand drill to fit. We will fit the cowcatcher for the purchaser, but this is at their risk (we will not replace a cowcatcher if it is damaged in transit). Alternatively, if you are not interested in cowcatchers, we replace the bufferbeam with a plain and deeper version for a small fee.


The first release of this model is available in 2 liveries.

No.85 No.85
41-236 SLR No.85 - Brunswick Green 41-238 SLR No.85 - Black



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