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Peckett & Sons - Atlas Class

Peckett & Sons was a locomotive manufacture based in Bristol. Originally founded in 1864 as Fox, Walker and Company, the works built steam locomotives of varying sizes and gauges, until being taken over in  1961 by Reed Crane & Hoist Company, before they themselves went in to liquidation.

Sena Sugar Estates Peckett
*Image copyright of Geoff Cooke, and embedded from his Flickr photosteam.

In 1949 they designed and manufactured order number 2106 for the Sena Sugar Estates Railway in Mozambique, Southern Africa. This 0-6-0ST locomotive was built to 2’ gauge, and to a generous loading gauge (they were over 10 feet tall). Peckett & Sons were to go on and build four further locomotives to the same design for the Sena Sugar Estates (orders 4143/4/5 of 1953, and order  2161 of 1961 and order 2165)

Atlass Class Prototype

Whilst a freelance model, the Atlas Class Saddle Tank shares many features in common with the Sena Sugar Estate Peckett locomotives. 
The general proportions are the same, although slightly reduced (to a scale 9 feet tall). The layout of the cab, frame, motion and boiler features is also in keeping with the prototypes built by Peckett & Sons after the Second World War.


As with all our models, Atlas is packaged in a collector's box, complete with detailed instructions on the care of the model and a full colour booklet on the background of the model.

Atlas Atlas
41-111 Atlas Class - Brunswick Green 41-112 Atlas Class - Maroon
Atlas Atlas
41-113 Atlas Class - Black 41-114 Atlas Class - Midnight Blue

These models are currently at the final stages of production and are being added to our Online Shop as and when they are ready.

Atlass Class Prototype

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