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North Wales Narrow Gauge Ralilways - Beddgelert

The Hunslet Engine Company was a locomotive manufacture based in Leeds. Originally founded in 1864, the works has built steam, diesel and electric locomotives of varying sizes and gauges, and is currently part of the LH Group of companies.

In 1878 they designed and manufactured order number 206 for the North Wales Narrow Gauge Railway in Gwynedd, Wales. This 0-6-4ST locomotive was built to 2’ gauge, and named Beddgelert.


The North Wales Narrow Gauge Railway ran from Dinas Jucntion, through to Rhyd Ddu at the base of Mount Snowdon. At Tryfan Junction a 3 mile long branch line ran to Bryngwyn, and it is on this branch that Beddgelert saw most of her work.


The locomotive suffered many shortcomings. Her long rigid frame and large overhang at the back led to the frequent derailments of coupled wagons. To enable her to work cab first up the branch to Bryngwyn, the locomotive received major modifications to the boiler, smokebox and chimney, in order for them to point upwards (and so keep the water line level).

Beddgelert was eventually scrapped in 1906 after just 28 years of service, being replaced by another locomotive from the Hunslet Engine Company, Russell.


The models are powered by a smooth a powerful Graham Farish 08 chassis, with custom etch motion parts. The model will negotiate 9" radius curves, but operates best on 12" or more. The cab roof is removable to allow easy access to the interior. The coupling hoops are ommited on this model, due to the location of the brake pipes.

 41-216 Beddgelert - c1890 Maroon

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